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Choose complete LCL shipping service. Hubbig is a logical choice because it makes logistics easier!

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Container ship on sea

Hubbig offers a complete shipping service from China for everyone. Whether you are a seasoned shipping expert or you’re about to order your first LCL shipment ever, Hubbig is the right choice.

Just get the best freight quote and order the shipment, and we’ll take care of shipping, customs clearance, insurance and delivery.

Why are we differentWhy HUBBIG?

Choose your cbm

Don’t spend your money to book the whole container - pay only for the square meters you really need. The minimal container space you can book is 1 cbm

Get everything in one place

Ease up on paperwork. We take care of freight insurance, shipping from China to Europe, customs and delivery to your doorstep. All important documents are always available in Hubbig app!

Track your freight

What’s going on with your important shipment? Is it safe? When is it going to arrive? You can find out anytime by checking it out in the Hubbig app.

Contact us 24/7

Logistics can be an intricate process, but Hubbig makes it easier. Our app has been created by the leading UX designers so it could offer a smooth and intuitive experience. Our customer care experts are available 24/7 for all your queries!

How does Hubbig work

  1. Get the best freight quote

    Our partners offer great deals on LCL shipping (Less than Container Load). Choose the offer that best suits your needs. The price is always an important factor, but so is the port location within China.

  2. Get freight insurance

    Did you know that the captain is not responsible if your freight gets damaged or sinks to the bottom of the ocean? Our reliable partners offer optimal deal on freight insurance - 35 EUR fro shipments up to 10 000 EUR value.

  3. Upload important documents

    When you choose the optimal offer, you need to upload commercial invoice and packing lis - the crucial documents that prove you actually purchased the freight you want delivered.

  4. Before the ship departs

    Your freight needs to be accompanied by bill of lading, a document crucial for getting the freight on board. Bill of lading is created during a few days by carrier and the agent in Chinese port. Hubbig app will notify you when bill of lading has been created and when your freight starts its journey to Europe.

  5. Across the ocean

    It takes about a month for freight to get from China to Europe by boat. We know your freight is of utmost importance for your business - that’s why Hubbig app allows you to check its location and safety anytime.

  6. Arrival to Europe

    When the freight reaches one if the European ports, we organize delivery to the cargo terminal.

  7. Customs clearance

    Customs clearance needs to be organized at the cargo terminal. You can book your own forwarder to organize the customs clearance. If you don’t have experience in logistics, we suggest you choose our customs clearance service.

  8. Paying the customs fee and delivery to your address

    When you pay the customs fee, your freight is ready for delivery to your doorstep.

Our satisfied clients

Unitrg logo

“Our telecommunications company has more than 100 LCL shipments annually. Hubbig is the ideal tool for such a large number of orders, because the app offers a simple ordering experience. We book and ship all of your freight via Hubbig!”

Goran Stoklasa, UNITRG d.o.o.
Modulos logo

“Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, we needed to ship our modular desk to clients across Europe and the US. We looked for a partner that can offer great quality for fraction of a price. All our desks have been successfully delivered thanks to Hubbig team.”

Matej Grozdanović i Katarina Galić, Modulos Furniture Systems d.o.o.
TSP logo

“Hubbig is our reliable shipping partner for sea transport. Hubbig team takes care of all the details regarding this complex type of transport. Hubbig app helped our team to handle shipping faster and easier!”

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